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ultra pure. ultra potent.


A 25-year-old brand with a reputation for purity and potency, Heavy Hitters came to Telegrafik with a desire to evolve their brand for a new line of cannabis products including their Acapulco Gold Collection, which features the 1000ml HVY Grand, the world’s heaviest tincture, as well as their individual 25mg canned beverages and vapes. The result was award-winning retail packaging and a category-busting position in tincture.

skills flexed

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • copywriting
  • Copywriting
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • sales channel support

The Challenge

When developing REEFORM, it was of paramount importance to us to create an authentic brand that truly honored Weldon and his vital mission. Furthermore, the brand needed to exist independently while also complementing Weldon's other advocacy organization, MISSION [GREEN], which is committed to expediting the release of incarcerated individuals. Finally, it was crucial for the brand to convey a positive, uplifting, and optimistic message.

The Approach

The cornerstone for the look and feel of the REEFORM brand is a bespoke bespoke hand-illustrated and lettered piece of artwork capturing the essence of the brand, the man, and his mission. Central to the piece is Angelos, donning a "Give Me Liberty" t-shirt, encapsulated by a concept cloud that vividly conveys the power, emotion and conviction of his message through words and imagery.
While the artwork and the packaging were important aspects of the launch, it was imperative that the brand did something more to further Weldon’s cause. To that end, we partnered with renowned cannabis college, Oaksterdam, to offer scholarships to individuals freshly released from incarceration for cannabis-related offenses. Collectively, MISSION GREEN and REEFORM offer a comprehensive and proactive strategy to uplift, restore, and reform the lives of these individuals.






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