TELEGRAFIK: Marketing That Builds Categories


We are designed and built for rising markets that are out of the mainstream and have yet to achieve their full potential. Not surprisingly, we excel at operating in hyper-change environments, where thinking several steps ahead of the market is not just smart, but necessary. Our team has been working in the cannabis space since 2014, helping to launch and sustain some of the industry’s top brands.

Our approach extends to such markets as technology, cryptocurrency, alternative energy, and any industry that is faced with the organizational, regulatory, and marketing challenges that come with introducing something to a world that may not be quite ready for it yet.

Our method for success is not just a matter of who the audience is and what our message is. It often requires cross-industry insights, supply chain knowledge, deep science and/or tech understanding, and partnerships that accelerate progress for all parties.

We love operating in this space because these emerging brands represent a visionary part of culture. Our client partners are inevitable and essential to our collective future.

While most of us call Oakland home, our team is agile, flexible, and scalable across the country and the world, allowing us to service large multi-state operators and international brands.

Who We Are

2000 - In a dingy warehouse located in the SOMA district of San Francisco, the full-service digital agency Evolution Bureau is launched to service a pool of large, global clients.

2014 - The EVB team takes on its first cannabis brand, Flower, developing visual identity, design, and packaging.

2015 - We win the world’s premier dispensary, Harborside, and over the next three years help them transition from medical to adult-use, giving us a front row seat for the California cannabis revolution. The experience created a team within the agency that became experts in cannabis business, culture, and advocacy.

2020 - As the only traditional agency in the industry with a full-service cannabis practice, we made the decision to spin off a stand-alone agency devoted to this emerging market.

2023 - We decided to expand our services to help our client develop products and brands from the inside.

We call it TELEGRAFIK.
Our Services
Business Consulting
Product Management
Product Research & Development
Marketing Strategy & Positioning
Logo & Visual Identity
Packaging System Design & Printing
Website Development
Channel Support & Content
How We Work
We get there your faster and more effectively.

We have developed an efficient, drama-freet process for getting you to where you need to be — because that’s what emerging markets demand.

We know where the potholes are. This gives us latitude to push the creative product. And gives our clients peace of mind, eliminating costly mistakes that other brands have made.

The Team

  • Daniel SteinPartner - Operations
  • Andrew FloorPartner - Strategy
  • Mark WinnPartner - Creative
  • Kirsten MeritAccount Service
  • Adam LauCreative Director