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find your sweet spot


brand launch
Kiva Confections unveiled its Camino line of gummies in early 2019, aiming to provide consumers with a more personalized cannabis experience. These gummies were uniquely formulated to evoke specific moods or effects, such as relaxation, upliftment, or energy. The debut of the Camino line highlighted the evolving sophistication of the cannabis edibles market. Consumers sought not merely THC content but also distinct effects accompanied by intriguing flavor profiles.

We have been fortunate to collaborate with Kiva, creating the brand strategy and guidelines for Camino Gummies and crafting the launch creative for the new Camino Chews line.


  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Art Director
  • Copywriting
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • sales channel support

The Challenge

The original launch of Camino gummies in 2019 was a game-changer in the realm of cannabis edibles. It set an entirely new standard for consistency, effect, and flavor. In 2021, the brand raised the stakes further with the introduction of Camino Sours. Fast forward to 2023, and Kiva expanded the Camino range with the introduction of Camino Chews. These chews retain the beloved taste and tailored effects but come in a longer-lasting, swirled taffy format.
When working on Camino Gummies, our challenge was to transition the brand from its original tagline, "A California State of Mind," and position it for national success.

Our challenge for Chews was to assist Kiva in taking a brand that has essentially redefined the gummy category and extend it into a new product format.

The Approach

To herald and celebrate the Camino Chews' launch, we crafted a custom, hand-lettered and illustrated piece of art that became the cornerstone of the marketing campaign for Camino Chews. This vibrant piece showcases a whimsical landscape filled with saturated hues representing the four real-fruit flavors available at launch. Bridging these vibrant worlds is a meandering path, reminiscent of the swirled taffy itself.
Once this illustrative style and creative direction was defined, we extended it across all launch materials, encompassing retail marketing, sales channel support, product displays, posters, advertising, and promotional merchandise.

For Camino Gummies, we formulated a new strategy and tagline: "Find your sweet spot." Additionally, we crafted fresh brand guidelines and assets to bolster this new direction.

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