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Time Machine



Time Machine is premium hydroponic cannabis flower brand grown by gther master cultivators at Pacific Stone in state-of-the-art Dutch greenhouses on California’s central coast. The brand is current available in whole flower and pre-rolls in a variety of strains and sizes.

skills flexed

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • sales channel support
  • web development

The Challenge

Pacific Stone is one of the largest, most respected, and best-selling flower brands in California. Renowned for its quality and accessibility, it's considered a premium brand and is available at virtually every retail location and delivery service in the state.
In an effort to expand its reach and capture a younger, more budget-conscious audience, Pacific Stone decided to introduce a new brand to its family: Time Machine. Our task was to create a look and feel that would resonate with this target demographic.

The Approach

Collaborating closely with the Pacific Stone team, we collectively decided that Time Machine would be a brand with a multi-layered backstory, drawing inspiration from every time-traveling storyline imaginable. This encompassed themes like spacemen, robots, video game characters, dragons, Romans, aliens, and much more. The narrative would unfold on the web, social media, and in sales materials, with the packaging serving as a 'snapshot' of this intricate story.
To craft the visual identity for the Time Machine brand, we collaborated with a highly skilled European comic book artist who produced a masterful illustration. This illustration was then adapted and expanded upon to encompass all marketing materials, social media assets, the website, and various marketing collateral. The brand's narrative quickly struck a chord with consumers, propelling it to become one of the fastest-growing brands in both the flower and prerolls categories, which are notoriously challenging to gain market share in.

brand guidelines

visual identity




front (1) copy
back (1) copy

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