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PLUS Gummies

plus gummies for plus living


Marketing & Sales Support
"PLUS holds a legacy status in the California cannabis edibles market. Pioneering the field in its heyday, the brand swiftly carved out a niche, leading the market with its sophisticated packaging and diverse flavor selections. However, a stagnation in innovation within the ever-evolving industry resulted in prolonged declines in market share, margins, and sales revenue. A change in ownership spurred efforts to revitalize the brand through updated packaging and reformulated products. Nonetheless, the landscape had shifted, with well-established competitors now dominating the category."

skills flexed

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • copywriting
  • illustration
  • packaging
  • sales channel support

The Challenge

After years of product stagnation and ineffective messaging, the PLUS brand equity had deteriorated to the point of irrelevance. Simply repackaging and reformulating the products proved insufficient to overcome deeply entrenched negative perceptions, especially in comparison to technically less sophisticated competitors. Telegrafik was enlisted to breathe new life into the brand, igniting the compelling spark necessary to prompt reconsideration among a disillusioned consumer and trade audience.

The Approach

Drawing upon a profound comprehension of the shifting dynamics within the category and the evolving needs of consumers, Telegrafik embarked on a journey to redefine the PLUS brand unlike any other edibles brand had done before. We crafted a brand concept and communication framework that harmonized both rational and emotional elements, providing context to product functionality while highlighting the deeply human benefits that resonated with the modern cannabis consumer. Through a compelling brand strategy, revitalized visual identity, and groundbreaking campaign executed across digital, social, and retail platforms, we not only halted the decline but also propelled the brand back into a trajectory of growth.

packaging (pride)

retail posters

sales Collateral

retail Display renders

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vertical banners

consumer postcard

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